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Buying Drugs Online - Guide on How to Safely Buy Online Medicine Without a Prescription

Purchasing prescription drugs online without a prescription is not as difficult as it may seem; however, saving money should not be your number one goal; safety should be your biggest concern. The class of drugs that you are interested in purchasing can control how difficult it is to obtain. There are a variety of ways to purchase Rx online medicine without a prescription, but it is important to know what you are doing, and what risks you face, before buying drugs online without a prescription.

What drugs do you want?

Prescription medicines online are highly specialized medications. You should not take pills unless you fully understand your medical condition, what the drug is supposed to do, and what the potential side effects of the drug are. When you purchase prescription drugs online without a prescription you bypass an important safety steps in the treatment process. The online pharmacy that provides you with your medication will not know what other medications or supplements that you are taking, and you may experience a potentially dangerous drug interaction.

If you choose to buy Rx medicine online without a prescription it is important to take your safety into your own hands, and research the drug that you're about order and see if there are any potential drug interactions between that drug and other medications that you may take. There are many pharmacy online sites that allow you to check for drug interactions, so before you buy, make sure that this safety net is in place for you. The safest drug to buy online is a drug that you have used before, and are familiar with.

How to find what you want

To buy medicine online without a prescription, you must know where to look. Like many unregulated industries, there are some legitimate online pharmacies and other online shops that have a web store front, but have no intention of filling your order. Once they take your money, you will not hear from them again.

Online pharmacies that take payment COD or by credit card are more likely to be legitimate than those that request payment by money order or cash transfer. A COD, or cash on delivery, payment guarantees that you will receive something before paying, while credit card payments can always be disputed.

Another way to determine if an online pharmacy is legitimate is by the method it uses to fill your order. Most legitimate pharmacies want to remain open, and the only way to do that is to remain in good standing with law enforcement. It is required for anyone buying a prescription drug to have a prescription written by a physician. Most legitimate online pharmacies get around this rule by treading into a gray area, with something called online consultations.

What types of drugs are available online without a prescription?

Different online pharmacies offer different medications. If you cannot find the medication that you want at one pharmacy, it may be available at another. Some drugs, however, are not available online without a prescription. The FDA regulates drugs of different classes in different ways. Some of the more tightly regulated drugs are nearly impossible to buy online. This is because the Drug Enforcement Agency and Federal Drug Agencies monitor the drugs from the time that they leave the manufacture. Because they are more tightly regulated, most online pharmacies do not deal with them. The additional attention and oversight is not what most online pharmacy stores want.

Is buying medicine online without a prescription illegal?

Whether or not someone purchasing drugs online without a prescription is doing something legal or not, always seems to raise some questions. It is unlikely that an online doctor writing a prescription for someone they have never met is what would be considered an established doctor-patient relationship. However, you should do your part by answering any questions from the doctor truthfully? If so, it is unlikely that what you are doing could result in any legal troubles for you. Do you intend to keep the prescription drugs for yourself? If so, it is not likely that you are someone who will be on the FDA or DEAs radar. These agencies are much more interested in finding the people who are buying drugs online with the intention of reselling them than they are those who are buying Retin-A or Viagra over the Internet.

What is the biggest risk to buying drugs from an online pharmacy without a prescription?

The biggest risk that you face when purchasing Rx medicine online without a prescription is that you may lose your money, or worse buy counterfeit or useless drug. There are two ways that this can happen. You may order from a pharmacy online that does not fill your order, or you may order from an online pharmacy that sends you chalk or some other harmless substance that is not what you paid for. What is unlikely to happen though is that you receive a different, dangerous drug. Remember, these untrustworthy online pharmacies are trying to make as much money as possible, so whatever fake they send is not likely to have any medicinal properties at all.

When ordering medicine online from any online pharmacy, it makes sense to do an Internet search before placing your order. If the company has been around for some time, you should find a mention of their name and how reliable they are on a message board or forum. Narrow down your search by looking for forums that discuss about health issues and other commonly related online medicine issus and concerns. While someone who has a bad experience with an online pharmacy may not complain to the Better Business Bureau, they will certainly complain on the Internet Forums. Also, reading product reviews is another way to get good information about any product before you buy. Good example would be searching for something like digestit colon cleanse when you're looking to buy best colon cleansing product etc.

Caution about buying medicine online without prescriptions: Always check with your doctor or healthcare professionals before using any Rx drug. More importantly, OBEY THE LAW IN YOUR COUNTRY, if your country prohibits purchasing Rx drugs online without prescription then don't do it.

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